Sunday, 15 January 2012

A number of people have tried but been unable either to "follow" the fascinating blog of my travels , or post comments, or see more than 3 of my 29 (29!) postings.

"A number of people" I imagine you scoffing cynically. "A number of people", I repeat doggedly in the face of your cynicism. Well? One is a number isn't it? Nay, in my fumbling attempts at humour I do myself an injustice. A significant number of people have made one or more of the above complaints.

This is entirely the fault of Google and their henchpersons referred to earlier in my blog. Incompetent ninnies.

Seeking to get to the bottom of this, and possibly a bit of titillation, I myself tried both to comment upon and follow another blog published on blogspot. That of Peter ("Lord") Wilson, a notorious City rake. If you're interested, it is It's about killing things. Have a look.

Now, I am as computer-savvy* as the next 60 year-old luddite, but I will be damned (Sir) if I could get it to work. And it is not only I. Peter brought in the big guns in the shape of his 14 year-old boy. Ha! If a 14 year-old can't figure it out nobody can. So there. I had been feeling down, disillusioned, despondent, disheartened, depressed and demoralised at the absence of any but a few comments, and any but one "follower". But now I have a new spring in my step, and (in the immortal words of Arthur Freed who put them into the mouth of Gene Kelly) a song in my heart, and (as he went on) I am ready for love.

But, and here is the rub, Michelle my Canadian travelling companion has succeeded both to follow and to comment. On the other hand she is both young and a recognised genius. That last bit is true, even if it is only recognised by me. On yet another hand, she is a North American - but then (in the immortal words of Joe E. Brown in Some Like it Hot, when he found that his fiancee was in fact a man played by Jack Lemmon) nobody is perfect. Apart of course from the wives of any man still reading this rambling drivel.

On the subject of Michelle I might add, in response to her specific request, that she is in fact 3 inches taller and 30 pounds lighter than she actually is in real life.

To the first and second of the above complaints (remember them? I do realise it was some time ago) I have no answer. To the third it is only necessary to go to the foot of the first page, click on "Older Posts" and keep clicking until you get back to Cairo. Duh. Do not (I repeat do not) attempt to read them in reverse order. Marek did so and it seems to have done strange things to his head.

Adieu, as I often say in my facteurp (see earlier postings) French.

Chris (don't miss the P.S)

* P.S. And why (a number of people have asked me) are there no photos on my blog? Just because. OK?

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